Week of 11/4

Hey Mentors! Hope last week was a blast!

A quick note for all mentors, if you see a parent arrive early to pick up their child, please alert your day leader. It is important that we keep a count on all of the kids and make sure they are able to reap all of the benefits that BnB has to offer.

You guys are doing an amazing job. I’m sure many of you have started to take note of the excitement the kids showcase when you show up. All we can say is, keep it going! BnB would not be anything if it weren’t for the dedication of our mentors. The field trip is coming up soon, when we bring all of the kids to WashU, so keep your ears open for that!

Make sure you guys are still connecting with us through social media!

For this upcoming week, keep this in mind: “A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.”

The Mentor of the Week is a very handsome, charming, and sweet man, Zack Miller!


1.) What year are you and what you majoring in?

I’m a freshman with a double major in Finance and Computer Science

2.) How did you hear about BnB?

I heard about BnB when I was applying to Wash U. I knew I wanted to be involved in volunteering and the program really stood out to me. I even wrote a scholarship essay (which I did not receive) on Books and Basketball.

3.) Favorite aspect of BnB?

Easily my favorite aspect of BnB is the kids. They have so much energy and are just so excited to see us on a weekly basis.

4.) An interesting story from BnB?

On our first day, my co day leader was sick and I was the only one in charge. It was funny for people to figure out later that I’m only a freshman and have less experience than they do. In my group emails that say “For those of you that are new to BnB,” I’m really just addressing myself.

5.) How would you explain BnB’s significance to someone?

I would say that BnB is more than just a volunteering program because you truly do create special bonds with the kids. You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize you are having equally as much, if not more, fun than the kids are.

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