Week of 11/18

Hey Mentors! Hopefully everyone is getting excited to see family and friends for Thanksgiving break!

This upcoming Friday is our first Friday Funday! Moneythink, WUSwing, and Beat Therapy are heading out to Shaw this Friday to showcase their talents to the kids!

December 4th is our field trip, where we bring all of the kids from the schools to WashU, and December 5th evening is going to be the ‘move’. More details to come for that!

Quote of the Week: “The children the world breaks tend to be the ones that end up saving it.”

This week’s Mentor of the Week is Ally Zabell!

1.) What year are you and what are you studying? When did you start BnB?

Sophomore, English major/pre med, last year

2.) How did you hear about BnB?

My friend Emily did it and I just joined in

3.) Any interesting stories?

The kids thought I couldn’t play basketball. And when I made a shot, they freaked out. And now they call me Michael Jordan.

4.) What would be your BnB pitch to a prospective mentor?

Honestly you make such an impact on the kids lives. They always get so excited to see you and have someone to talk to and listen to them. I feel amazing every time I leave. 

5.) How would you describe BnB’s impact on the community?

Such a positive aspect. The kids benefit, and it teaches great life skills for them.

ally zabell

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