Week of 11/12

Hello Mentors! Hope everyone took the time to thank our veterans and those currently serving for our great country.

We cannot stress it enough, please attend BnB on a consistent basis. The kids truly wait on you, and for many you all have become role models. Remember again that this is a commitment you have made to the children. We have been hearing fantastic feedback from the teachers during the program, keep it up!

Quote of the week: “A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.”

Mentor of the Week: Matt McElduff

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1.) When did you first start doing Books & Basketball?

I started during the fall semester of my freshman year.

2.) What is your favorite Books & Basketball moment?
Last semester, one of the first graders in my group asked me how hard it was to get into college.  When I said it took a lot of work, he asked if he would have to do more like 50 pages of homework between first grade and college, or 100.


3.) What would you say to someone thinking about doing Books & Basketball?
Definitely do it! You’ll form some really meaningful bonds as a mentor, role model, and friend to some really incredible kids, and have a lot of fun doing it!
4.) Do you have any tips you would give to other mentors regarding being a better mentor?
Be interested and excited.  If you show the kids that you care about them, they’ll look up to you and really welcome you into their lives.  And then if you’re excited about long division, they’ll probably get excited about it, too.
5.) Why do you think it is important to do Books & Basketball and be involved with the greater St. Louis community?
It’s pretty cliché, but I feel like I’ve learned more from the kids I mentor than I’ve taught them.  You can learn much more important things by interacting with the B&B students and the people in the communities around Wash U than you ever can from a textbook.



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