Mentor of the Week: Sophia Shapiro

Congratulations to Sophia Shapiro for being named B&B mentor of the week!!! Here’s a little bit more about Sophia:11953085_10205836990296446_8135769776264398100_n


1) What are you studying?
– I am in the Art School, but I am switching over to ArtSci for the spring semester. I plan to study Education and Minor in Design

2) What do you love about BnB?
– I have always loved teaching and working with kids so BnB is a perfect combination of this. the kids are so fun to work with and have so much energy constantly. BnB is something I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday.

3) What is your favorite joke?
– Any corny joke my dad makes. Favorite one of his: If it’s rush hour, why are non of the cars rushing?

4) Name a spot on campus you would want to go, kick your feet up, and tilt your head 45 degrees upwards to admire whatever is above.
– My bed.

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