Mentor of the Week: Will Eisenberg


Congratulations to Will Eisenberg, our B&B mentor of the week.  As a Freshman and first time mentor, he has already shown great commitment to the program and outstanding skills working with our students.  Thanks for everything you do, Will!

Here is some more about Will:

1. Tell me a funny story:

One time in high school I opened the door for my principle and I thought she was trying to hug me so I went in for the hug, but she wasn’t. Needless to say I ran away and never wanted to go back to school again.
2. Would you rather not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin or change genders every you sneeze?
I’d rather change genders because I like muffins and I wouldn’t want to accidentally eat a baby and I am allergic to a lot of things so I could smell a flower and become a boy again.
3. When did you start Books and Basketball? Why do you continue doing it?
I started this semester and I keep doing it because I developed a close relationship with my mentee and it keeps me happy. 
4. What would be your Books and Basketball pitch to a specific mentor?
It is a great opportunity to get off campus and make a difference in someone’s life who is probably less fortunate then you and all the while have fun doing it. 
5. What is your spirit animal? 
I’m going to go with a bald eagle because they’re magic. 



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