Mentor of the Week: Sophie Revere

Congratulations to this week’s mentor of the week, Sophie Revere.  Sophie always puts the kids first, and we’re so thankful for her contributions to B&B!  Here’s a little bit more about her:
1) What year are you?
2) What are you studying?
        American Culture Studies and Psychology

3) When did you start Books and basketball and why do you continue doing it?

        I started doing B&B last semester and found it to be one of the most fun and rewarding things I’ve done in college. I developed a really close relationship with the kid I tutored last spring, so I couldn’t wait to sign up again this year!
4) What is your favorite joke?
​My fave G-rated joke is a classic: What does a nosy pepper do? Get jalapeño business!
5) What would be your Books and Basketball pitch to a specific mentor?
        ​B&B gives you the perfect blend of helping students academically and playing with them in a really chill setting, so you get to know them on an individual level outside of the classroom. It’s also an awesome community of mentors and a great way to get to know WashU kids you otherwise wouldn’t.
6) What is your spirit animal and why?
        An otter because they’re playful and cuddly. When I learned that they hold hands while they sleep so they don’t float away from each other I knew I was in love.
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