Mentor of the Week: Max Zhang

Congratulations to our most recent B&B mentor of the week, Max Zhang!  Here’s a little bit more about Max, yet another Wash U baseball player to be our mentor of the week:

1. What year are you and whats your major?

Senior studying Biology


2. Whats your favorite joke?

What do you call an alligator in a vest? An Investigator


3. When did you start Books and basketball and why do you continue doing it?


I just started this semester and I really like it. Its a good way to do something different during your day and helping out and developing a bond with kids that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Its really fun building a bond with a kid and becoming their friend and teacher.


4. A mix between a tiger and a silverback gorilla is threatening the very existence of BnB, how do you stop it?


I would use the kids and their charm to tame the beast and make it our mascot.


5. Whats your spirit animal and why?


I would want to say a lion, but more realistically a monkey because I’m playful and mischievous and curious. 


6. Name one spot on campus you would want to go, kick your feet up, and tilt your head 45 degrees upwards to admire whatever is above: 


Right on top of Brookings overlooking the front of the school, it’s really pretty. 


7. What would be your BnB pitch to a specific mentor? 


I would say you should definitely do it. It’s one of the groups on campus that does a great job of fulfilling their mission. Its been really cool to see how far the group has come. Its a great opportunity to get off campus and do something new and exciting. But also, you get to tutor children and you’re going to end up loving these kids and its something to look forward to this week. 

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