Mentor of the Week: Adrian Levitt

Congratulations to our first mentor of the week this semester, Adrian Levitt!  Even though he is a first-time mentor, he has already made a big impact on Thursdays this semester.  Thanks for your great work Adrian – Keep it up!

Here’s a bit more about Adrian:

1) What year are you and what are you studying?

Freshman and Chemical Engineering

2) Whats your favorite joke?
How do you find will smith in the snow?  You look for the Fresh Prince
3) When did you start Books and Basketball and why do you continue doing it?
I started this semester and I specifiaclly made my schedule with Books and Basketball in mind. I did programs similar throughout high school and it was just really fulfilling and it was something I always wanted to stick with because those opportunities are really important for the kids we mentor and for me.
4) A mix between a tiger and a silverback gorilla is threatening the very existence of BnB, how do you stop it?
I assert my dominance and establish myself as the alpha male and handle the situation.
5) What would be your BnB pitch to a specific mentor?
Everyone should remember how lucky we are and how hard we’ve worked to get here and its important to look at those less fortunate and help them get to a place where we are. 
6) Name one spot on campus you would want to go, kick your feet up, and tilt your head 45 degrees upwards to admire whatever is above.
Steps in front of Brookings… wait thats not very comfortable.
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