Field Trips

Books and Basketball culminates each semester with a field trip to WashU’s beautiful campus. Students from Shaw, Hamilton and Mullanphy are bused to campus for an afternoon full of games, learning, and even a special snack.  In the fall, everyone gathers in College Hall for some human boggle, cup stacking, and relay races.  The spring field trip takes place on the “Swamp” on the South 40, where we use the basketball courts and field for some outdoor fun.

The Books and Basketball field trip is the ideal way to wrap up a great semester of learning and growth in the classroom and in the gym.  The activities provide a great opportunity to showcase all of the new skills the students have learned from the mentors – all while having fun!  Other special parts of the field trip, like the special snack and the visit to WashU’s campus, are great ways to congratulate the students for a semester full of hard work. A further goal of the field trip is to show our Books and Basketball students that college is not only a real place, but a place that they could very well end up someday.  One of our core messages at B&B is that if you work hard and excel academically, your possible achievements are limitless.  We have had many Books and Basketball students go on to succeed in school past their involvement in our program.  We hope to have a student from Books and Basketball not just as participant in the field trip and B&B, but also as a full-time undergraduate at a higher institution to give back to the St. Louis community.


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