Sign Up Sheet is Live!

Our sign up form for Fall 2014 is now live.  Please fill out the following form to officially sign up as a Books and Basketball mentor:

Also, check out the basketball we painted by the underpass.  If you take a selfie and tag us on facebook, twitter, or instagram, you will be entered for a chance to win some of our new apparel coming out this fall!

We’re looking forward to a great semester of Books and Basketball with all of you!


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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to all Wash U students – especially our returning Books and Basketball mentors!  To add your name to our fall email list, please fill out the form below.  Once we have your email, we will be able to send you other information, including the official sign up form to be a B&B mentor this semester.

Here’s the link: View Form

Also, check us out at the campus wide activities fair (Friday, Aug 29th, 4:30-6:30pm in Brookings Quad) and the community service fair (Saturday, Aug 30th, 4:00-6:00pm at the Clocktower).

We’re looking forward to a great semester of B&B!



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B&B Exec Board Application

Books and Basketball is looking for new members to join our executive board!

Here is link to the short online application:

The application will close on Friday, March 21 at midnight.  After the applications, there will be an interview round and candidates will have an opportunity to sit in on an exec meeting. The new members will be announced by Sunday, March 30.

We encourage any one who is interested to get more involved with B&B to apply!

Week of 12/2

Welcome back Mentors! Big, big, big week coming up!!!

This Wednesday, from 4:30 pm to 6:15 pm in college hall, will be our semi-annual field trip! Kids from each school are coming to WashU, and we want everyone to be there! You do NOT have to be a day leader or hold a leadership position to attend. We want as many mentors as possible! The kids are beyond excited, and it would mean the a lot to them to see their favorite mentors.

On Thursday, we are having a fundraiser at Market Pub House. The cover is $5, and please bring identification showcasing that you are above 21. Party with your fellow mentors as you celebrate classes coming to a close!

That’s all for this week folks, see you Wednesday! Our Mentor of the Week for this week is Robert Gallo, self proclaimed billiards extraordinaire.


1. When did you first start doing Books & Basketball?

I got interested in Books and Basketball at the big activity fair at the beginning of my freshman year, but I didn’t end up joining that semester because I was so disoriented by all the clubs and activities I had heard about that day. That year I realized a lot of people that I respected on campus were in Books and Basketball, so I decided to look into it more seriously. I signed up the fall of my sophomore year and now I am so glad I did!

2. What is your favorite Books & Basketball moment?

 Every semester there is that moment when a kid that you worked with the previous week gets really excited when you walk in and asks if you’ll work with him/her. Each time it is gratifying to know that they look forward to you coming on that day every week.

3. What would you say to someone thinking about doing Books & Basketball?

I would tell them that it is a lot of fun, but that’s not what Books and Basketball is  really about. It’s about being there for a kid like maybe an older sibling, cousin, or somebody else that you looked up to was there for you when you were their age.

4. Do you have any tips you would give to other mentors regarding being a better mentor?

 Be excited about the work they are doing, and they will have fun and be more engaged.

5. Why do you think it is important to do Books & Basketball and be involved with the greater St. Louis community?

Wash U has so many conveniences that you could go all four years without leaving campus and be fine, but then you’re missing out on the opportunity to be a part of the greater St. Louis community. Books and Basketball has given me a greater appreciation for the community that I have been calling home the past three years.

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Week of 11/18

Hey Mentors! Hopefully everyone is getting excited to see family and friends for Thanksgiving break!

This upcoming Friday is our first Friday Funday! Moneythink, WUSwing, and Beat Therapy are heading out to Shaw this Friday to showcase their talents to the kids!

December 4th is our field trip, where we bring all of the kids from the schools to WashU, and December 5th evening is going to be the ‘move’. More details to come for that!

Quote of the Week: “The children the world breaks tend to be the ones that end up saving it.”

This week’s Mentor of the Week is Ally Zabell!

1.) What year are you and what are you studying? When did you start BnB?

Sophomore, English major/pre med, last year

2.) How did you hear about BnB?

My friend Emily did it and I just joined in

3.) Any interesting stories?

The kids thought I couldn’t play basketball. And when I made a shot, they freaked out. And now they call me Michael Jordan.

4.) What would be your BnB pitch to a prospective mentor?

Honestly you make such an impact on the kids lives. They always get so excited to see you and have someone to talk to and listen to them. I feel amazing every time I leave. 

5.) How would you describe BnB’s impact on the community?

Such a positive aspect. The kids benefit, and it teaches great life skills for them.

ally zabell

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Week of 11/12

Hello Mentors! Hope everyone took the time to thank our veterans and those currently serving for our great country.

We cannot stress it enough, please attend BnB on a consistent basis. The kids truly wait on you, and for many you all have become role models. Remember again that this is a commitment you have made to the children. We have been hearing fantastic feedback from the teachers during the program, keep it up!

Quote of the week: “A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.”

Mentor of the Week: Matt McElduff

2013-11-05 18.10.55

1.) When did you first start doing Books & Basketball?

I started during the fall semester of my freshman year.

2.) What is your favorite Books & Basketball moment?
Last semester, one of the first graders in my group asked me how hard it was to get into college.  When I said it took a lot of work, he asked if he would have to do more like 50 pages of homework between first grade and college, or 100.


3.) What would you say to someone thinking about doing Books & Basketball?
Definitely do it! You’ll form some really meaningful bonds as a mentor, role model, and friend to some really incredible kids, and have a lot of fun doing it!
4.) Do you have any tips you would give to other mentors regarding being a better mentor?
Be interested and excited.  If you show the kids that you care about them, they’ll look up to you and really welcome you into their lives.  And then if you’re excited about long division, they’ll probably get excited about it, too.
5.) Why do you think it is important to do Books & Basketball and be involved with the greater St. Louis community?
It’s pretty cliché, but I feel like I’ve learned more from the kids I mentor than I’ve taught them.  You can learn much more important things by interacting with the B&B students and the people in the communities around Wash U than you ever can from a textbook.



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Week of 11/4

Hey Mentors! Hope last week was a blast!

A quick note for all mentors, if you see a parent arrive early to pick up their child, please alert your day leader. It is important that we keep a count on all of the kids and make sure they are able to reap all of the benefits that BnB has to offer.

You guys are doing an amazing job. I’m sure many of you have started to take note of the excitement the kids showcase when you show up. All we can say is, keep it going! BnB would not be anything if it weren’t for the dedication of our mentors. The field trip is coming up soon, when we bring all of the kids to WashU, so keep your ears open for that!

Make sure you guys are still connecting with us through social media!

For this upcoming week, keep this in mind: “A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.”

The Mentor of the Week is a very handsome, charming, and sweet man, Zack Miller!


1.) What year are you and what you majoring in?

I’m a freshman with a double major in Finance and Computer Science

2.) How did you hear about BnB?

I heard about BnB when I was applying to Wash U. I knew I wanted to be involved in volunteering and the program really stood out to me. I even wrote a scholarship essay (which I did not receive) on Books and Basketball.

3.) Favorite aspect of BnB?

Easily my favorite aspect of BnB is the kids. They have so much energy and are just so excited to see us on a weekly basis.

4.) An interesting story from BnB?

On our first day, my co day leader was sick and I was the only one in charge. It was funny for people to figure out later that I’m only a freshman and have less experience than they do. In my group emails that say “For those of you that are new to BnB,” I’m really just addressing myself.

5.) How would you explain BnB’s significance to someone?

I would say that BnB is more than just a volunteering program because you truly do create special bonds with the kids. You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize you are having equally as much, if not more, fun than the kids are.

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